Cassano attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: That’s enough, retire!


Cristiano Ronaldo’s match against Spain in Braga was by no means the best of his career. Lacking in both pace and accuracy, the Portuguese player came close to scoring on several occasions but ultimately failed to find the back of the net.

After the game, the critics were out in full force against the Manchester United forward, with former Italy and Real Madrid player Antonio Cassano being one of them.

“A guy like Cristiano Ronaldo has to think for himself and if you can’t do that anymore, you have to give it a day,” Cassano said.

“It’s a rule in all sports, retire, that’s enough!

“He won everything, he was a phenomenon, he made a lot of money and now he is not a starter at Manchester United.

The Italian also compared Ronaldo to his eternal rival Lionel Messi, saying the Argentine was the better of the two purely because of what he had to sacrifice.

“Messi is like Diego Maradona and when we talk about sacrifices, we have to remember that Leo left Argentina at the age of 14 and overcame many physical problems,” Cassano said.

“He spent four years alone, in Barcelona, ​​and those are the victims.

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