Argentina arrive in Buenos Aires to celebrate the World Cup 2022 victory


Argentina’s National team will arrive during a massive blockade that the Argentinians have set to welcome their FIFA World Cup winners to Buenos Aires. Three main points in the city have thousands of people waiting for the players.

The Argentine national team will come to Buenos Aires to celebrate the victory at the World Cup in Qatar with France. By Monday, the Argentines had lined up three highlights to welcome their 26-man squad led by coach Lionel Scaloni and legend Lionel Messi. These points are the ‘Obelisco’ in the city centre, the Ezeiza International Airport and the Argentine training facilities near the airport.

After a huge penalty shootout win, Argentina claimed their third FIFA World Cup trophy and Messi finally won it with Argentina after five World Cup tournaments played for the 35-year-old legend. With two goals scored in the final, Messi was also selected as the MVP of the final match.

The journey back to Argentina for the 26-man team involved a trip through Egypt before arriving in Rome and flying directly to Buenos Aires. At almost 3:00 a.m. local time, the plane landed in Argentina, where the 2022 World Cup winners boarded a procession bus to take them to the Ezeiza training facility.

Argentina receive Lionel Messi with the FIFA World Cup winners squad

According to reports from local media, more than one million people gathered between the ‘Obelisco’, the Ezeiza Airport, and the trainning facilities during the day, and they will wait until Tuesday for the massive parade. As scheduled the Argentine national team arrived at the Ezeiza airport where thousands were waiting to see their stars at least for a second.

Argentinians from all over Argentina flew, drove, and managed to get to Buenos Aires in order to see first hand to the 2022 World Cup winners arrive with the most anticipated trophy after a 36-year wait from the last time when Diego Maradona led their national team in Mexico.

After a year when the Argentine national team won the 2021 Copa America in Brazil, the squad led by Lionel Messi will have finally brought the World Cup trophy to the Argentinians. The long trip for the Argentina 26-man squad ended with them arriving to the Ezeiza trainning facilities.

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