Real Madrid fan’s slam Luca Modric for voting Lionel Messi in The Best FIFA 2023


Luka Modric is currently not a favorite player among Real Madrid fans. The midfielder’s revelation of voting for Lionel Messi in The Best FIFA 2023 has left the Merengues furious with their own player.

FIFA has crowned Lionel Messi as the best player of 2023. Captains, coaches, media and fans have come together to bestow this recognition, adding yet another individual accolade to the Argentine striker’s illustrious career.

One of the players who voted for Messi as the best player is Luka Modric, the captain of Croatia. However, Real Madrid fans are not too happy with his decision, they strongly condemn him for supporting the former Barcelona striker.

Luka Modric is highly criticized for choosing Messi in the Best 2023 competition

Lionel Messi secured another individual award. The Argentina captain was awarded as the Best of 2023, a recognition where players, fans, coaches and the media jointly select an outstanding player throughout the year.

The national team captains submit a list of three names for the best coaches and players. FIFA uses this voting method to increase fairness and allow those deeply involved in football to select the best representatives of the sport.

Luka Modric, the midfielder of Real Madrid, took responsibility for casting Croatia’s vote as the captain of the national team. While the players from the country contribute to the selection, the captain serves as a representative for FIFA.

Unfortunately for Modric, his countrymen voted for a former Barcelona player: Lionel Messi. The Argentinian forward topped the rankings, followed by Rodri in second and Marcelo Brozovic in third.

Although Modric wasn’t the only Croatian to vote, Real Madrid fans are furious with him. The midfielder has been slammed on social media for supporting Messi and some even want him to leave the club because of it.

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