Gerardo Martino reveals the big plan for Lionel Messi to win the MLS Cup 2024


Lionel Messi will play his first full season with Inter Miami in 2024 in their quest to win an MLS trophy. Last year, the star from Argentina won the franchise’s first title with the League Cup and now he wants more.

Messi will have an extraordinary roster following the arrival of Luis Suarez from Gremio. It is indeed a meeting in Barcelona along with other veterans such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

It’s a very interesting moment for football as two of the biggest legends of recent years are on an incredible journey to win unlikely titles. Messi in the United States and Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

For Messi to achieve his goal, Gerardo Martino will certainly be a key figure for Inter Miami. Therefore, with all his experience as an MLS champion, the coach has a plan to help Leo.

Gerardo Martino has a plan to win MLS with Lionel Messi

During an exclusive interview with ESPN, Gerardo Martino revealed what plan Lionel Messi and Inter Miami will have to win the MLS Cup for the first time. According to Tata, players like Luis Suarez will be essential.

“The problem probably revolves around the formation of the team. This means finding an even better version through the rest of the players. We would talk about something challenging, because finding a better version is not easy. But I’m more focused on this: how we can surround him or find him and try not to give the opponent too many clues about how we’re going to play with Lee, for example.”

Martino admitted that after Messi’s first few weeks in MLS, almost every team began to decipher the system to stop him. Now, renewing tactics every week will be essential to dominate the league.

“I think it happened after the first two months when the opponents knew that the Busquets-Messi connection was fast and with Jordi on the other side it was almost a Barcelona plan. However, there came a point where we weren’t so surprised. Our movements and circuits of play were slower and the opponents anticipated and neutralized it. We have to try to find ways to play where the versions, especially in Leo’s case, can be the best without trying to improve him individually.”

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