Argentina set to retire Lionel Messi’s iconic number 10 jersey


After mulling over how to pay tribute to the late Diego Maradona by considering retiring his iconic number 10 shirt, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) is once again advocating a similar gesture.

This time in honor of current soccer icon and World Cup winner Lionel Messi.

Like the legendary Maradona, who is still revered as the greatest player of his era, Messi, arguably the most decorated footballer in history, also proudly wears the esteemed number 10 jersey.

Following Diego Maradona’s retirement from football, then AFA president Julio Grondona and several other officials decided not to assign the number ten jersey to any player in the national team.

However, FIFA rejected their request, citing its regulations, which state that teams in top-level tournaments, including the World Cup, must use jersey numbers from 1 to 23.

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