Emiliano Martínez speaks on Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team


Emiliano Martínez spoke about Lionel Messi joining them and the Argentina national team.

Martínez was Argentina’s starting goalkeeper in a 3-0 win against Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier and showed no weakness when playing at height. The world’s best goalkeeper spoke to the media after the 3-0 win about Lionel Messi joining the team despite not playing. Here is what he had to say:

“There is hunger. He is the same captain who was able to go home and accompany us, which makes us proud that he continues to feel us, still loves us and accompanies us in this sense. I’m proud to stand behind these boys.”

He also talked about playing at height:

“I like a challenge and with this national team we are always looking for more, when we win we are all looking for little things to improve.

“I knew what to expect, I’ve seen a lot of national team games here and they’ve always had a hard time shooting from outside, so I had a lot of respect for them.”

About Argentina National Team:

“It’s like a group of kids going on a trip and I love spending time with this team.”

The World Cup winner also spoke about the support he received from Bolivia fans:

“Normally they don’t like me much outside of Argentina, but today the Bolivian people surprised me by chanting my name and I have a lot of respect for this country.”

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