Sir Jim Ratcliffe confirms status of Manchester United takeover bid

Man utd
Prospective Manchester United owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe has insisted his bid for the club is very much alive, disputing claims from Qatar that Sheikh Jassim has already won the race.

The delay in the takeover process has proved a real source of frustration for fans as they wait to see if the Glazer family will agree to a sale and, if so, who from Ratcliffe or Sheikh Jassim will be the new owner.

Reports in Qatar claimed that Sheikh Jassim’s offer, which values ​​the club below Ratcliffe’s bid but would include a 100% buyout, had already succeeded, but Ratcliffe has now disputed the claims.

“It’s still a process, we’re in it,” Ratcliffe said during Wednesday’s book launch

“We have a good offer. We’ve met with the Glazers a few times and had a good chat, but in the end it’s their decision.”

“We’d still love to do it. I also believe we’d do a good job and do it for the right reasons. We’re still focused on that.”

Elaborating on these reasons, Ratcliffe insisted he was not interested in making money from United, but acknowledged the financial benefits of owning such a club.

“They don’t make them anymore, Manchester United and those type of clubs,” he continued. “It’s like art or areas like that, when you have special things and they keep increasing in value over time because they’re very special and rare.

“I don’t like throwing money away or losing it. It doesn’t make me happy at all, but we’re not here to make a profit. If it’s a really good asset, it will increase in value over time.”

Finally, Ratcliffe confirmed that he did not wish to change the name of Old Trafford if his bid was successful: “For God’s sake no. That would be heresy.”

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