Report- Kylian Mbappe thinks he will join Real Madrid this summer


Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe is reportedly coming to the conclusion that he will have to leave Paris Saint-Germain to join Real Madrid in the next two months.

According to ESPN, Mbappe is concluding that the only way for him is this summer. PSG remain committed to the idea of ​​selling him if Mbappe does not want to renew his contract in the coming two weeks – which Mbappe does not want to do.

So the only logical target is to sell to Real Madrid as they are the only club he wants to join. Los Blancos, in turn, are happy to wait for Mbappe or PSG to contact them with a deal on the table. Let’s assume that after fees and commissions, the cost will be more than €200 million.

Much has been made of the alleged €90m loyalty bonus in Mbappe’s contract due this September should he stay at PSG. He doesn’t want to lose that money, but it doesn’t look like Real Madrid will pay it either.

As they say in Spain, all three parties are ‘condemned to understand each other’, and any other alternative is not ideal. Mbappe is the one who would suffer the least if a deal isn’t agreed, while PSG would probably be the worst off, having one final season with Mbappe but losing him for free.

Real Madrid do not have a star number nine in place and it would be a surprise to see him start the season this way, but having been burnt at the last minute by Mbappe last summer, he is unlikely to find himself in a compromising position again.

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