MLS: Lionel Messi reveals he is very excited to join Inter Miami

Messi at Inter Miami presentation (1)

Lionel Messi has finally been unveiled as an Inter Miami player after his huge move to Major League Soccer and he made a promise as he addressed a packed crowd.

Lionel Messi’s era with Inter Miami has begun. The Argentine striker was unveiled as the new signing of the Florida team in front of a full-capacity DRV PNK Stadium, where he demonstrated his commitment to his new team with a bold promise: “I came here to compete.”

After a long time negotiating, Lionel Messi and Inter Miami reached an agreement for the arrival of the 2022 FIFA World Cup champion. He had offers from FC Barcelona and Saudi Arabia, but he finally decided to move to Florida and play for the MLS club.

The bad weather delayed Messi’s presentation, but at the end he was unveiled at Inter Miami’s home. The former PSG player shared some words with his new fans, which can’t wait to see him on the field.

Lionel Messi makes bold promise to Inter Miami fans during his presentation

The waiting is over for Inter Miami fans. In a historic event at DRV PNK Stadium, Lionel Messi was unveiled as new player of the MLS club, a move that will definitely change the competition.

Inter Miami really needs Lionel Messi. The team is struggling to compete this year, as they are at the bottom of the Easter Conference with five wins, three draws, and 14 matches lost.

Messi is aware of the enormous challenge he faces upfront. The Argentine striker shared a few words during his presentation, demonstrating his strong commitment to his new team and expressing his hope to swiftly change their situation.

“I am very excited, very happy to be here, in Miami, with all of you. I am… I want to thank, obviously, Jorge, Jose, David, and their family, for the warm welcome and affection every day. For making us feel at home so quickly, making everything easy, the truth is that it has been spectacular for us since we arrived.

“I’m really looking forward to starting training, starting to compete. I come with the same eagerness I’ve always had to compete, to want to compete, to want to win, to want to help and to keep growing.

“I am very happy to have chosen to come to this city with my family. To have chosen this project. And I have no doubt that we will enjoy it a lot. We’ll have a good time and beautiful things will happen here. Thank you very much, thank you all for this day.”


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