Lionel Messi speaks about the criticism in previous years with Argentina team


Lionel Messi has spoken about the criticism he received in previous years with the Argentina national team.

Messi has now won everything there is to win in football. Not only at club level, but also with Argentina.

But before Copa America 2021, this was not the case. The team was constantly criticized by the media for everything. Messi was answering questions sent to him by his Argentina teammates and in the same interview with TV Pública, he talked about the difficult times with Argentina. Here is what he had to say:

“The truth is that it was very difficult. I lived a situation in Barcelona that I enjoyed a lot, we were winning, we were playing well. We were praised from all sides of the game, for the team, for the wins.

“It was stepping foot in Argentina and hearing the criticism, the rumors. The murmur of the people, continually having to pass a test so to speak or depending on a result.

“I was lucky that I was doing well at club level and when things went wrong, I would arrive in Barcelona and forget about how bad we were doing in the national team.

“A lot of criticism, bullshit more than criticism. People were talking about more than football things that went beyond the line of disrespect. It was not good.

“On the other hand, I knew that my family, even though they did not show it, suffered a lot too. They stayed in the country and consumed all of that. I didn’t cry but I did suffer a lot.

“I had a very hard time but I never doubted or thought… Well yes, at one point I did. But before that, I always had the desire to achieve something with the national team and I had it in my head that I was going to achieve it.”

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