MLS: Bangladesh on top in Google’s most search for Lionel Messi’s new club Inter Miami


Lionel Messi is currently in China with the Argentina national team, he still hasn’t put pen to paper, after this week’s international window all signs point to him coming to Inter Miami from the MLS.

With the news that Inter Miami will be the next destination for the World Cup winner, fans around the world want to know how to get tickets, buy a kit or get information about the MLS team’s last place.

One of those countries is Bangladesh, a country known for its insane support for Messi and the Argentina national team.

Bangladesh searches for Inter Miami

According to Google, the country that searched ‘Inter Miami’ most this week was Bangladesh after the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi announced that he will join the American Major League Soccer (MLS) club Inter Miami.

The Bangladeshi fans have surpassed Messi’s own country, Argentina in terms of the google search. Basically 100 is the most popular criteria for a web search in Google trends where Bangladesh got one hundred while Argentina got 84.

MLS freelance writer Favian Renkel presented a statistic in Twitter where Bangladesh remained on top of the list. Argentina was at the second position alongside Nepal (82), Haiti (81) and Ivory Coast (73) respectively. The top ten countries in this list are Iraq, Yemen, Congo, Honduras, Nicaragua. Saudi Arabia who were keen to have Messi on their league were at  number 14 in the list.

Bangladeshi Argentina fans, however, have managed to get the world’s attention by showing their passion for Argentina and Messi during the World Cup last year. While many already knew about Argentina’s massive fan base in Bangladesh, it was however the first time people all around the world took notice of it.

Alongside media and journalists, the people of Argentina also took to social media to show their appreciation for Bangladesh. Argentinians were also seen with Bangladeshi flags and chanting “Bangladesh! Bangladesh!” in the stadium during their World Cup games.

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