Alejandro Garnacho: I want to make a career with the Argentina national team


Alejandro Garnacho spoke in an interview about wanting to play with the Argentina national team.

Garnacho gave his first interview to Argentine television, speaking to TyC Sports while he is with the team during their Asian tour. The 18-year-old is expected to get some minutes in Argentina’s games against Australia or Indonesia later this week and has spoken about the tour. In an interview with TyC Sports, he had this to say:

“I didn’t hesitate at all because I feel Argentine, because I am Argentine. They bet on me and I was clear, it is a very big national team. I don’t need to play three games, this tour doesn’t matter, I already know I want to be with Argentina.

“The whole family on my mother’s side is from Argentina, they have always lived there. And the family on my father’s side is from Spain. Due to life circumstances my mother’s family came to Spain and met my father and I was born there. And I’m very close to my mother’s family, I’ve always supported the national team since I was little.”

He also spoke about the support he received from fans:

“Thank you all for your support. They already know, I’m just another one (of the players), I’m part of the group and we’ll try to continue to bring joy. I want to make history here bit by bit, be with the group and be happy here. Let’s move forward.

“From what I read through social media, I know that many people in Argentina love me, appreciate me. Most of them love me because of my decision to play for Argentina. And I’m going to return that love on the field.”

On whether he spoke with Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni:

“I didn’t talk to the Scanlons before I came here. I talked a lot with Robert Ayala. So that I know before the list comes out that I will be here. He asked me if I was nervous and I told him I wasn’t. When I play, I try to be myself. I’m a young guy, but age doesn’t matter to me, I try to play the way I can.”

“I want to make a career in the Argentine national team, if the coach believes in me, I can continue. To be one more and participate in the Copa America, qualifiers and the World Cup.”

About playing in the Argentine national team:

“My teammates are very good with me, very engaged. I encouraged me, supported me… I didn’t talk much with Messi. I haven’t watched it on TV all my life and now I have it, it doesn’t seem real. The coach tells me to be calm, to play the way I know he will give me the opportunity.

“People have seen me, my main position is left winger. But wherever you put me, I’m not complaining. Whatever the coach decides, I’ll be there.

“Here they call me Ale and Licha (Lisandro Martinez) calls me Garna because that’s what they call me in Manchester. Lisandro Martínez is like my father in Manchester. He tells me when I’m doing well and when I’m not doing well. It helps me a lot. He’s a 10 as a person. He talks to me about the national team.”

On not playing at the U20 World Cup:

“I lost the U20 World Cup because the competition was still going on in Manchester. I talked a lot with the coach (Erik ten Hag), I asked him please (to let him go), but he told me I can’t go. But I watched them on TV.’

About the World Cup Final:

“It was unbelievable, crazy. I think both Argentina and Leo deserved it. They had a very good World Cup. The final with penalties was great (match) and everyone suffered.

“I watched it with my mom, my grandfather, my brother… It finally happened and it ended the way we expected it to.

Argentine Football:

“Argentine football is not very well known there. But the Libertadores or River, Boca, yes, I like to watch.”

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