U20 World Cup 2023: Argentina U20 to play Nigeria and Brazil to play Tunisia in the Round of 16


The 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup is currently underway in Argentina and has kicked off with 24 nations vying for the trophy with traditional powers England, Italy, Brazil and the hosts among the favorites to win. France was eliminated in the group stage.

The journey to the title began with the group stage, in which 16 teams advance to knockout knockout battles. The top two advance, as do the top four teams in third place.

The cutout holder has already been set. Matches in the Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals will go to extra time if necessary and penalty kicks if tied after 90 minutes.

The final group tables are shown below, followed by the third-placed team table. Only the top four third-placed players at the end of the group stage qualify for the round of 16. Here are the knockout pairings as they are:

U20 World Cup Round of 16 Lineups

Date Match Time (ET / GMT)
Tue, May 30 RD16 #1: USA vs. New Zealand 1:30 p.m. / 6:30 p.m.
Tue, May 30 RD16 #2: Uzbekistan vs. Israel 5 p.m. / 10 p.m.
Wed, May 31 RD16 #3: Brazil vs. Tunisia 1:30 p.m. / 6:30 p.m.
Wed, May 31 RD16 #4: Colombia vs. Slovakia 1:30 p.m. / 6:30 p.m.
Wed, May 31 RD16 #5: England vs. Italy 5 p.m. / 10 p.m.
Wed, May 31 RD16 #6: Argentina vs. Nigeria 5 p.m. / 10 p.m.
Thu, June 1 RD16 #7: Gambia vs. Uruguay 1:30 p.m. / 6:30 p.m.
Thu, June 1 RD16 #8: Ecuador vs. S. Korea 5 p.m. / 10 p.m.

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