Lionel Messi reportedly reserves places for his children at their old school in Barcelona


The rumours of Lionel Messi’s possible return to Barcelona are growing as the days go by.

After it was revealed on Wednesday that the Catalan club had a possible ‘plan’ for the Argentine’s return as part of their financial and sporting planning for the coming season, Barcelona journalist Adrian Sanchez has now revealed another detail. that could be decisive.

On his YouTube channel “Mas que pelotas”, the journalist said that Messi’s family has already decided to book his children’s enrollment at their old school in Barcelona, ​​which they attended before packing their bags and leaving to live in Paris in August 2021.

“I had a very important conversation a while ago and after checking with various sources, we can tell you that Messi’s family has asked to reserve a place for his children at the school where they have gone all their lives and where all their friends are,” reports Adrian Sanchez.

“It is news that undoubtedly clearly and clearly defines where the future of the Argentine is going and also where the future of Barcelona is going.

“This is something that would define the future of the Argentine. In addition, we were able to learn that the place in the French school where his children went was not renewed.

“For me it is an absolute bomb and it shows clearly where he is going. Messi has his head in Barcelona.”

Lionel Messi’s return to the club where he shone for over 17 years seems to be getting closer and closer. In the decision of the Albiceleste star, the will of his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, who with her three children longs to return to what she considers her home, could also take precedence.

The only thing that seems certain, however, is that the Argentine’s future remains a mystery to everyone. The current Paris Saint-Germain player is under contract with the French side until the end of June 2023 with just over two months remaining and no news of a possible extension.

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