Barcelona call for Tebas resignation over alleged false claims in Negreira case


Javier Tebas allegedly provided false evidence against Barcelona in the Negreira investigation, leading to fury from the club.

Barcelona called for the resignation of LaLiga president Javier Tebas after it was alleged he provided false evidence against them.

La Vanguardia reported on Monday that Tebas had provided documents to prosecutors seeking to indict the club and two former presidents in the ongoing Negreira case.

Barcelona are said to have paid Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira’s company – DASNIL 95 SL – payments in excess of €7m for written reports and DVDs of the club’s referee reviews before matches. The payments were allegedly made between 2001 and 2018, when Negreira was vice-president of the Spanish Football Referees Commission.

According to the report, the documents released by Tebas were part of another case unrelated to any of the former Barcelona presidents and were decades old, which the LaLiga boss described as “false” on social media.

However, Barca are eager for a deeper explanation from Tebas and want him to hand in his resignation.

“Barcelona, ​​as president Joan Laporta has said in recent weeks, feels the victim of a media lynching based on events that never happened: Barca have never bought referees,” the statement read.

“It is not the first time that the president of LaLiga has used his media machine to attack Barcelona, ​​but apart from his usual nonsense, we could never have imagined that he would hope to accuse our club with false evidence.

“The reports published by La Vanguardia are so serious that they should alert all LaLiga clubs, as they are practices that should not have a place in the functions attributed to the president of LaLiga. For this reason alone, but also out of dignity and respect.” on the presidency of LaLiga, Mr. Tebas should resign from his position.

“However, knowing his obsession with the pursuit of Barcelona and his continued display of aversion and antipathy towards our club, we understand that he will persist in his behavior to further damage our club.”

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