Vinicius Junior suspended for Real Madrid with ugly incident at fans in Mallorca


Real Madrid suffered a huge 1-0 loss in the 2022-2023 La Liga and Vinicius Junior lived a very tough day at Mallorca.

Real Madrid suffered a major blow to their aspirations to win the 2022-2023 La Liga after losing 1-0 in Mallorca. Now the door is open for FC Barcelona to gain a huge advantage in the table as the tournament enters the second half.

Real Madrid is probably in the worst period of the season. They lost the Spanish Super Cup final against FC Barcelona and were almost eliminated by Villarreal and Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey). In addition, they are five points behind Barcelona in La Liga.

Throughout the season, Vinicius Junior has been the target of criticism for his behavior on the pitch. Few agree to follow his ways and goal celebrations with Real Madrid. A visit to Mallorca was no exception.

Vinicius Junior suspended and the incident with fans at Mallorca

Prior to the game against Real Madrid in the 2022-2023 La Liga, Mallorca’s captain, Antonio Raillo, severely criticized Vinicius Junior and his behavior on the field. “If I had to pick a role model for my child, I would pick Modric or Benzema, but never him.” Even Carlo Ancelotti spoke out and had to defend his player after all the accusations.

During the match against Mallorca, Vinicius Junior saw a yellow card and, after the accumulation of five, he will be suspended for the next gane of Real Madrid in La Liga. He won’t be able to play against Elche.

Furthermore, Vinicius Jr had a very controversial incident with the fans at Son Moix. After the first half ended, and the players were walking to the locker room, Vinicius Junior received many screams and shouts from the stands. In that moment, the Brazilian star stopped and pointed out the logo of Real Madrid in his shirt to them.

Antonio Raillo took notice of that and, during the second half, he “invited” Vinicius to kiss the Mallorca logo on his shirt in a moment that almost sparked antoher huge brawl.

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