Sergio Agüero slams Zlatan Ibrahimović regarding harsh words about the Argentine national team


The former Barcelona nine came back and doubled down on the former LA Galaxy striker’s statement that Argentina will not win any more titles without Lionel Messi.

It was only a matter of time, but someone from the Argentina camp would react to Zlatan Ibrahimović’s words about the behavior of the Argentine national team at the World Cup. Unofficial team spokesman Sergio Agüero responded to the Swede via his Twitch account.

Sergio Agüero stated: “I remember we played against United, Manchester City. I was on the bench, but you were also playing and talking. If you want to talk that (Argentina) behaved badly, I think you are the least suitable to talk. You have bad behavior on the field. I remember you hitting a Galaxy player in the States and then pretending it hurt you too. Is that good behavior for you?”

Agüero didn’t let up and continued: “Before he said that, maybe you should have said ‘I preferred France to win’. You say they behaved badly, and you say it as a high-level professional, but I think you he also misbehaved while playing. So let’s not throw stones if we disagree later.”

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s comments about Argentine players

The AC Milan striker spoke to a French media outlet and originally stated, ‘I said Argentina will for sure win the World Cup. If you want to remember the Qatar World Cup for the rest of history, who is going to win? (Argentina captain) Messi. (Not Mbappe?) No, because Messi is considered the best player in history.

‘I’m worried about the other players of Argentina because they will not win anything else. Messi has won everything, and he will be remembered. But the rest, that behaved badly, we can’t respect that.

‘This is coming from me as a professional football player at a high level. For me, it’s a sign that they will win one time and will not win any more, because you don’t win like that.’

To those comments Sergio Agüero finished by stating, “I think that before worrying about Argentina, you could worry about your country, about your players, who aren’t even in the last World Cups”.

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