Report: FIFA to alter penalty regulations after Emiliano Martinez’s shenanigans at Qatar 2022


At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez stole the show in the championship game against France with his antics. Now, it seems like he will have to adjust his strategy in light of the upcoming changes to penalty rules for the next season.

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was instrumental in the team’s recent penalty shootout win against France in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final. He was able to distract Les Bleus from penalty kick attempts by constantly kicking the ball away from them.

Since the 30-year-old impressed in the penalty shoot-out at the World Cup, he was the center of attention. In the championship game against France, Kingsley Coman lingered for many minutes talking to the referee and asking if the ball was correctly placed in the penalty area.

As Aurelien Tchouameni prepared to take a penalty, the Aston Villa striker played mind games with him by walking the ball to his goal line and then dropping it to the edge of the box. As a result of these strategies, both French penalty kickers missed their attempts and La Albiceleste won the World Cup 4–2 on penalties.

To what extent is Emiliano Martinez responsible for FIFA’s decision to revamp penalty rules?

Due to the impending changes to penalty regulations, it seems like Emiliano Martinez will have to adjust his strategy for the next season. New regulations will prevent goalkeepers from intimidating opponents from the penalty spot, as proposed by the International Football Association Board.

According to a story in The Sun, the new guidelines won’t become law until IFAB formally approves them at their annual conference in March. Penalty kicks, and more notably goalkeepers’ bluffs and shenanigans, are expected to be discussed at length.

Goalkeepers who engage in distracting behavior like dancing or making humorous gestures on their goal line may also find themselves in violation of IFAB’s proposed new regulations. In fact, it was Martinez who was also spotted dancing and yelling before each penalty during the shootout in Qatar.

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