Lionel Scaloni speaks on Lionel Messi, hugging Paredes, being World Cup 2022 winner


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi being the captain, hugging Leandro Paredes after winning the World Cup and also about winning the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni spoke with Jorge Valdano in an interview, where he commented on Lionel Messi and being a captain. Here is what he had to say:

“Logically, he is a football leader but when he speaks, he says the right words. And what it transmits to his team mates, I have never seen, in any person. Incredible.

“He is happy on the pitch and with the national team shirt. The age, for everyone and for him too, is a “handicap” but surely having him in the group and having the “10” at a World Cup will generate something.”

In regards to his emotions and seeing Leandro Paredes after winning the World Cup:

“At that moment you say it’s over and what a relief. We got it but what a relief. After, I see him (Leandro Paredes) coming crying, he suffered for having been in there, left the team and got back from injury. Seeing him excited made me emotional too and it was a nice hug.”

Scaloni also spoke about being a World Cup winning coach and sitting at the same table as Luis Menotti and Carlos Bilardo:

“I don’t feel comfortable at that table. It would have to be that way out of respect for their careers and it feels me with pride because we all grew up with them. But I never think that I Want to sit or be next to them.”

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