Lionel Scaloni on whether Pedri could start for 2022 World Cup champions Argentina


The World Cup winning manager spoke with El Partizado de COPE and stated that if he had a choice, he’d take Pedri from Spain and suit him up for Argentina.

Lionel Scaloni can’t complain, after being heavily criticized by the Argentine media for his lack of experience as a first team manager for nearly two years, the last year and a half has been a dream. Lionel Scaloni is now considered one of the most influential managers in the history of the Argentine national team.

Under Lionel Scaloni, Argentina overcame their title drought by winning the Copa America to later win their third World Cup under Scaloni, including a Continental Cup final over Italy and an unbeaten run that was historic for the national team.

Now back in Spain, where Lionel Scaloni lives, he spoke to El Partizado de COPE and when asked which Spanish national team player he would take between Gavi or Pedri, the former Deportivo La Coruña defender chose Pedri.

Lionel Scaloni on Pedri

Lionel Scaloni stated, “If I could have a pass from a Spanish player for my team it would be Pedri… I don’t know if he would play as a starter, but I take him.” Scaloni also mentioned that he would also like to coach in Spain where he played during his playing career, “Why not? Spain gave me a lot and it’s my second home… Any Argentine would say the same because they treat us incredibly well. I feel part of this country, but Spain does well to have Spanish coaches.”

Pedri (Getty Images)
Pedri (Getty Images)

On his current contract situation, Scaloni was hesitant to commit his future to the world champions although talks with AFA President Claudio Tapia are ongoing, “I am traveling to Buenos Aires,” Scaloni has said. “I hope to sit down with the president and see if we reach the agreement we want. We have a good relationship; I thank him for the opportunity.”

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