Lionel Messi on winning the World Cup 2022: “I couldn’t believe that we finally got it”


Lionel Messi spoke for the first time about finally winning the World Cup and everything that came with it.

Messi gave his first interview since becoming World champion with Argentina. Speaking in an interview with Urban Play FM, here is what he said about winning the World Cup:

“I said “that’s it” to her (Antonela) and my family after so much suffering with the national team, many disappointments and lost finals. I had received a lot of criticism and I know that my family suffered more than I did.”

“It’s difficult to explain what I felt at that moment. I couldn’t believe that we finally got it, it was like saying “that’s it, I got it”.

“God had it for me. And there was no better moment than this. The same thing with the Copa America. I thank him every day. I can’t ask more from God.”

On how much it weighs:

“…It’s heavy”.

He also spoke about what he said before Gonzalo Montiel scored his penalty in the final:

“The truth is that I don’t remember it well but I believe I asked God, who was with me throughout my career and cachete (Montiel) to end it so that we don’t suffer anymore.”

About watching the World Cup clips:

“I still get emotional to this day with the videos I see on social media that we’re World champions.”

About kissing the World Cup when he got his Player of the Tournament trophy:

“I saw it there and I couldn’t not do what I did. The Cup was calling me, telling me “come, grab me, now you can touch me.” I saw it there, shinning in that beautiful stadium and I didn’t think.”

The World Cup winner spoke about his celebration against the Netherlands:

“It came out naturally. My team mates told me what van Gaal said before the match. I don’t like to leave that image, but it just came out. There was a lot of nervousness.

“I spoke to Román (Riquelme) after the match vs. Netherlands. We always text after the matches, I talk with him not only during the World Cup but throughout all the years. He had a few encounters with Van Gaal at Barcelona and we spoke a bit about that.”

About Argentina and the World Cup:

“I miss my team mates, the day to day, the stadium in Qatar. We enjoyed every moment.”

“I think the most difficult match we played at that World Cup was against Mexico.”

“I was blocked on Instagram because of the amount of messages, they were like a million.”

He also spoke about Diego Maradona:

“If Diego had been there, I think he would have given me the Cup. It would have been a very nice photo.”

On what he would tell his young self:

“Something extraordinary awaits… May he never give up on his dream because in the end, he will get his most desired and he will have a happy ending. It is as if it were a movie that ends with a happy ending.”

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