Lionel Messi concerned over Sergio Agüero’s drinking during Argentina’s World Cup celebrations


The two best friends shared a great moment while celebrating Argentina’s third FIFA World Cup.

Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero have been almost inseparable since they made their mark in the Argentina national team. First as youth players and then as full internationals, the duo have together won the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the 2009 Summer Olympic gold medal in football and the 2021 Copa America.

What was missing between them was a World Cup win with Argentina’s senior team, unfortunately Sergio Agüero’s career was cut short due to a heart problem that forced him to retire after recently signing for Barcelona.

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup celebrations on the field, Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero celebrated together what they wanted, the World Cup for Argentina. Sergio Agüero started drinking heavily during the celebrations, causing Lionel Messi a bit of a worry.

Lionel Messi looking out for Sergio Agüero

While on Twitch Sergio Agüero explained how his long-time buddy Lionel Messi was looking after him during the celebrations and even joked about it, “yeah, I drank a lot that day, but I hadn’t eaten all day, that’s why it hit me so hard. We were world champions. If something were to happen let it be there.”

Sergio Agüero continued by saying, “At one moment Leo (Messi) got mad and said ‘stop’ I said ‘Stop? We’re world champions!’, I was so happy.” Sergio Agüero since his retirement has turned into a major voice on Twitch and working for various television networks as a commentator.

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