How many titles does Gareth Bale have? Complete list by year of trophies won by the Welsh forward


The season is over and Real Madrid have won three titles. Likewise, many players will leave the club, and Gareth Bale will be one of them. Here find out how many titles the Welsh forward has won in his career so far.

The season is over. Real Madrid won three titles, the Spanish Super Cup, La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. Likewise, many players will leave the club and Gareth Bale will be one of them.

The Welshman’s last few years in the Spanish team have not been good at all. His level of play dropped and his participation in the team was nil. In UCL 2021-2022, he played only 7 minutes in all matches.

However, the quality of the 32-year-old player is indisputable. Real Madrid won titles thanks to his great skills. Bale played 258 games for El Merengue and scored 106 goals, but the striker and the Spanish team will part ways.

His agent confirmed that he will leave Real Madrid and that his future will depend on whether Wales for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Bale was retired today internatiojal football. Bale has had a great career and the titles he has won are a clear example of that.

Complete list by year of trophies won by Gareth Bale

Bale has been voted Welsh player of the year 6 times, once as Tottenham’s player of the year, and is also one of the top winners in the history of the UEFA Champions League. In total, the 32-year-old has won 20 titles, 19 of them with Real Madrid and one while playing for Tottenham.

* Year Team Trophy
1 2008 Tottenham 2008 Carabao Cup
2 2014 Real Madrid 2013-2014 Copa del Rey
3 2014 Real Madrid 2013-2014 Champions League
4 2014 Real Madrid 2014 FIFA Club World Cup
5 2015 Real Madrid 2014-2015 UEFA Super Cup
6 2016 Real Madrid 2015-2016 Champions League
7 2016 Real Madrid 2016 FIFA Club World Cup
8 2017 Real Madrid 2016-2017 La Liga
9 2017 Real Madrid 2016-2017 Champions League
10 2017 Real Madrid 2016-2017 UEFA Super Cup
11 2017 Real Madrid 2017 FIFA Club World Cup
12 2018 Real Madrid 2017-2018  UEFA Super Cup
13 2018 Real Madrid 2017-2018 Champions League
14 2018 Real Madrid 2017-2018 Spanish Super Cup
15 2018 Real Madrid 2018 FIFA Club World Cup
16 2020 Real Madrid 2019-2020 La Liga
17 2020 Real Madrid 2019-2020 Spanish Super Cup
18 2022 Real Madrid 2021-2022 La Liga
19 2022 Real Madrid 2021-2022 Spanish Super Cup
20 2022 Real Madrid 2021-2022 Champions League

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