Graham Potter confirms future of USMNT star Christian Pulisic after Joao Felix’s arrival


Christian Pulisic’s contract with Chelsea expires next year and Joao Felix’s arrival might be a sign of things to come for the USMNT star. Read here to find out what’s the final decision of Graham Potter regarding Pulisic.

Chelsea are going through one of their worst moments in modern history. In the Premier League, the Blues are in 10th place, almost 20 points behind current leaders Arsenal. At this rate, the club could end up empty-handed in European competitions next season. They were crushed 4-0 by Manchester City in the third round of the FA Cup just a few days ago.

Last September, when the first signs of turmoil appeared, the front office made a surprising decision to release Thomas Tuchel. Then, after a great spell at Brighton, Graham Potter took over as manager. As expected, the winter transfer market will be crucial for the new project.

However, things did not go as expected for Chelsea. This is why the team makes quick and massive moves like the arrival of Joao Felix. As a result, Christian Pulisic’s England future may be in jeopardy as his contract expires next year. Read on to find out what Graham Potter had to say about the USMNT star.

Will Christian Pulisic leave Chelsea after the signing of Joao Felix?

With the signing of Joao Felix, and the recent knee injury suffered by Christian Pulisic, rumors started to swirl. Pulisic is out at least two months and his contract expires on June of 2024. So, Chelsea have to make a decision soon if they wish to keep or not the USMNT star.

If they want to get something in return, next summer might be the last window to transfer Christian Pulisic. So, with a crowded attack since the arrival of Joao FelixGraham Potter faced the definitive question. Will Christian Pulisic leave Chelsea after his injury?

“No chance. No. There was never any consideration of anything about that anyway. He is disappointed, but he is optimistic that he can come back quicker than the two months. So, he is in that phase where he is just trying to keep his fingers crossed and hopefully his rehab goes well.”

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