FIFA Club World Cup history winners list: All-time champions by year

club world cup

The Club World Cup is the club-level competition organized by FIFA, the world soccer regulatory organization. Here we will tell you who have been the winners of this tough tournament.

The FIFA Club World Cup is the most important club tournament organized by the largest governing body for football activities in the world. Each year, the champions of each confederation meet to determine which team is the best that year. Here we show you the list of champions.

Winning this tournament is a very difficult task, not only because of the tough opponents you have to beat, but also because the qualification is also very difficult. Only 8 teams participate in the Club World Cup, although this number could increase from 2025 as FIFA plans changes to the current format of the tournament.

This will be the 19th year, as it was first played in 2000, but was not played between 2001 and 2004, it will resume with regularity in 2005, the year since which it has been played without interruption. One of the participants in this edition, Real Madrid are the best winners with 4 titles so they will be looking for 5th.

List of champions

The tournament was not held between 2001 and 2004.

Year Champions
2000 Corinthians
2005 Sao Paulo
2006 SC Internacional
2007 AC Milan
2008 Manchester United
2009 Barcelona
2010 FC Internazionale
2011 Barcelona
2012 Corinthians
2013 Bayern Munich
2014 Real Madrid
2015 Barcelona
2016 Real Madrid
2017 Real Madrid
2018 Real Madrid
2019 Liverpool
2020 Bayern Munich
2021 Chelsea
2022 To be played

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