Di María states he wants to continue until 2024 Copa America, retirement

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Ángel Di María spoke in an interview where he stated that he would like to continue with the Argentina national team until the 2024 Copa America.

Di María gave an interview with TyC Sports where he spoke about winning the World Cup, Emiliano Dibu Martínez, Enzo Fernández, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands matches. In the same interview, he spoke about his future with the Argentina national team. Regarding a conversation he had with Lionel Scaloni a few years ago:

“What I wanted was to show that I wanted to continue in the national team and to get rid of all that was being said that we had fought at the 2019 Copa America because he had taken me out. After I spoke, he began to call me on the phone. I knew I didn’t have to clarify those things but I wanted to.

“After I spoke with him, we always remember that call, every time we speak we cry because he knows how I feel about the national team. We have a mutual appreciation, in 2018 we were more friends than coach and player. After that talk, I was able to return. I told him that it doesn’t interest me to be on the bench, I want to be in the national team. Everything I do at my club is to be with the national team.”

The time he thought about retiring:

“There were two difficult moments. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a lot of things came to my mind. I saw my family suffering and lots of things came to mind.

“The other was after losing the semi final against Brazil at the 2019 Copa America, having thought about and nearly deciding to step aside. But I realised that I was missing something.

“I did everything well for my club but I was missing something and I had the will to keep fighting to be in the national team. I knew that Scaloni could call me up but I felt out and it hurt to watch on television.”

He also spoke about wanting to continue with the Argentina national team:

“The most (biggest trophy) has already been won. We won the three things and we are World champions. They said that the Finalissima didn’t matter, but when we won it, I felt like a World champion because winning something with the senior team is the best., whatever it is.

“The upcoming Copa America, both for myself and for Leo and for anyone else, is going to be a title that we want and that we are going to want to win and continue winning things. What is being experienced in the national team has not been seen for years.

“These kids filled my head with continuing. Lea (Paredes), Rodri (De Paul), Licha (Martínez) and Cuti (Romero) broke my balls, telling me how I was going to quit the national team, that it’s one of the things that a person loves the most.

“I started to think a little and after winning it was obvious that I wanted to stay a little longer because of everything that is going on right now. Leaving now is cutting short the joy that I could enjoy with the people, to live everything that is being lived. I feel well, when I feel like I can’t give anymore, I’ll take a step aside. I intend to get to the Copa America and if not, I will leave before, but I want to continue.”


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