Thomas Muller makes tough decision after Germany’s elimination from World Cup 2022


Germany’s early elimination from the 2022 Qatar World Cup has everyone reacting differently to it. One of the experienced players, Thomas Muller made an unexpected decision after the situation blew out.

In the final match of Group E, Germany faced Costa Rica for one of the last two places in the knockout stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Manschaft needed to win this match and hope that Japan will not win in their match against Spain. However, that scenario never came to pass as Germany won over Costa Rica, but Spain trailed Japan.

In fact, the scenario of Spain not winning Group E was probably the most unthinkable after the game against Germany, which was the toughest on paper. The first half ends with both Germany and Spain leading 1-0. Within minutes, Japan leads Spain 2-1 and Costa Rica dominates Germany. Spain eventually lost, Germany won, but it wasn’t enough.

Thomas Muller, one of the most experienced players on the German roster, spoke from his heart about this affliction. In fact, he had clear notes about what was going on in the German dressing room after yet another disappointing World Cup performance.

Is Thomas Muller going to retire from Germany national football team?

In the middle of the mixed emotions after the 3-2 win by Germany over Costa Rica, but not enough for Die Manschaft to play in the knockout stage for the second consecutive World Cup, Thomas Muller had something to say to the media present as well as the German fans.

“If that was my last game for Germany, a few words to the German fans: It was a tremendous pleasure,” he said to reporters after the win. “Thank you very much. I always tried to show heart on the pitch. Sometimes there were tears of joy, sometimes pain. “I did it with love. I need to think about everything else now.”

Germany have exited a World Cup event for a second tournament in a row after the group stage. In 2018, the team managed by Joachim Low ended at the bottom of Group F, with MexicoSweden, and South Korea. Before that, Germany always played through at least the Quarterfinals stage in each World Cup event they have played.

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