Sergio Aguero announces his return to Football after retiring due to a heart issue


It didn’t take too long for Sergio Aguero to realize that he still wants to play Football. A year after he retired from it, the Argentinian forward has announced his return to the fields, leaving behind his heart issue.

Argentina’s Qatar 2022 title appears to have stirred something in Sergio Aguero’s mind. A year after announcing his retirement due to a heart problem, the striker has announced his return to football in 2023.

2021 has been a rough year for Sergio Aguero. He signed for FC Barcelona in May to become the Spanish team’s main striker, but announced his departure in December after his medical team revealed he had a heart problem.

His cardiologist told him to avoid any activity that could raise his heart rate. But after a very exciting year in football for Argentina, he seems to be interested in playing again and has announced his return to the pitch for the first semester of 2023.

Sergio Aguero will play soccer again for his own team

The FIFA World Cup fever got into Sergio Aguero, apparently. The Argentinian forward has been retired from soccer for one year, but now he has announced his return to the fields to play for his own team.

During the summer, Gerard Pique, former FC Barcelona defender, revealed the creation of the Kings League, a tournament in which Sergio Aguero will be part of as owner of a team.

In the competition’s rules it is said that clubs can sign persons out of the draft, including retired playersAguero decided to become the striker for his own team, Kunisports, to help them during some games.

It is uncertain if Sergio Aguero will play all the games, but he revealed he’s the 12th player and will have some minutes during the competition, which will be played in a 7 vs. 7 format.

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