Qatar 2022 World Cup trophy presentation: Who will award the trophy to the winning team?


As the Qatar 2022 World Cup is closing out, two teams are ready to face off for the World Cup trophy. After the game only one national team will have the chance to touch it once again.

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is drawing to a close. The final two national teams will head to the Lusail Stadium in Doha to play against each other for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. However, only one team will be crowned the winner of the tournament.

This means that only one national team will be celebrating with their fans and people at home with the trophy after Sunday’s match. However, it will not be with the original trophy, as only the winners will be able to celebrate with it for a few hours after the game, and then it will return to FIFA.

In reality, only a small group of people are allowed to touch the trophy during the awards ceremony. This includes former tournament champions, FIFA officials as well as new FIFA World Cup champions.

Who will award the winners the World Cup trophy in Qatar?

When it comes to the awards ceremony everyone in the FIFA comitee is involved. For example, for Qatar 2022, the emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will give out the medals, as well as UEFA’s president Aleksander Čeferin, and CONMEBOL’s boss Alejandro Dominguez.

As it has happened before, even high-leved politicans can be part of the ceremony. However, there’s only one person allowed to deliver the World Cup trophy to the winners of the final matchup at every World Cup Final. This person is FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino.

In fact, even David Beckham would be part of the awards ceremony as he is this World Cup’s official ambassador. This means Beckham has been key to promote this tournament in the football world. In the awards ceremeony there will give out medals for the third place, second place, and the winners of the tournament.

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