Qatar 2022: Why is Karim Benzema not playing for France vs. Morocco?


The second semifinal of Qatar 2022 is here with the game between France and Morocco. For Les Bleus there’s a big absence as Karim Benzema won’t be playing the game against the African squad.

France are close to making their second consecutive FIFA World Cup final. One of the biggest absences from the squad for Qatar 2022 semi-final against Morocco is Karim Benzema, but why is the striker not playing against the Africans?

There are the last three matches of Qatar 2022 with the second semi-final, the third place game and the final. France and Morocco will decide which team will face Argentina for the FIFA World Cup title.

Les Bleus have a great squad full of stars and players who are part of football’s elite group today. Karim Benzema is one of them, as the current Ballon d’Or winner is Real Madrid’s biggest figure and France’s best striker.

Why is Karim Benzema not playing for France vs. Morocco?

France are close to play another FIFA World Cup final after they conquered Russia 2018 and got the title. They have had a very good tournament, but they must not be too confident against a strong team like it is Morocco.

For this game, Karim Benzema won’t be playing for France. Prior Qatar 2022, the striker had a “muscle fatigue” which kept him away for several games with Real Madrid.

When he was called for the FIFA World Cup, he got a “quadriceps injury in the left thigh” that has kept him away from the whole tournament. L’Equipe revealed that they were planning to reincorporate him for the knockout stage, but he couldn’t recover and won’t play for the rest of the comeptition.

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