Qatar 2022: Why is extra time added in FIFA World Cup matches?


With millions of people watching Qatar 2022, many wonder why the FIFA World Cup games have added time to the regular 90 minutes.

The World Cup is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event. As well as being the most anticipated tournament in recent years for die-hard football fans, Qatar 2022 is also attracting the attention of those who don’t follow the sport that often.

As happens at every World Cup, many people who do not know the game are suddenly interested in the basics of football. With Qatar 2022 underway, many questions have been raised.

For example, many people have noticed that referees can add minutes to a game. While for some the question was how many minutes can be added, others even wonder why there is a stoppage time in football.

Why are minuted added in 2022 World Cup games?

In FIFA World Cup games, like in any soccer match, the added time helps to make up for the minutes lost during a game whenever a team makes a substitution, a player gets medical attention, or the ball goes out of the field.

Though the game lasts 90 minutes, divided in to halves, that time is hardly played as the game frequently needs to be paused

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