Qatar 2022: Who could the Netherlands face in the World Cup quarterfinals?


After their great victory against the United States, the Netherlands are waiting for an opponent in the round of 16. But who could this opponent be? Here we tell you.

The Dutch team asserted their favoritism in the round of 16, where they very clearly beat the United States 3-1. This result allows them to reach the Qatar 2022 quarterfinals, although at the moment it is not known who their rivals will be, however here we will tell you who they could be these rivals.

From the beginning, the American team owned the ball. And he had a chance to score early in the game, but Pulisic missed. USMNT controlled the ball, but without depth, and instead the Dutch counterattacks were very dangerous. The European team was much more effective and that is why they went 2-0 up at halftime.

In the second half, the United States looked for more and found it 2-1, however, in another counterattack (and with the complicity of the American defense, which had a horrible performance), the Netherlands scored 3-1, which did not change until the end of the game, thus qualifying the Europeans to the quarterfinals.

Possible rivals

The Netherlands‘ rivals for these quarterfinals will come out of the round of 16 game that will take place today, December 3, between Argentina and Australia. The winners of this game will be the rivals who face the Dutch.

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