Qatar 2022: What happens if Uruguay lose to Ghana in the FIFA World Cup 2022?


On Friday, Ghana will play Uruguay in a game that might decide both teams’ destinies in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Here, check out what happens if Uruguay lose to Ghana.

On Friday, 12 years after “the Hand of God 2”, Uruguay will square off against Ghana in what is sure to be a heated rematch of one of the most bitter rivalries in recent World Cup history. After the Quarter-Final incident in South Africa in 2010 that prevented the African side from advancing to the semis of the first World Cup held on their continent, this would be sweet payback.

A game-winning shot from Ghana was stopped by Uruguayan striker Suarez‘s hand in extra time. After Asamoah Gyan missed a chance after Suarez was sent off, he celebrated loudly from the sidelines as his side advanced with a 4-2 victory on penalties.

Ghana enter this matchup with three points, having lost to a star-studded Portugal team on the first day but then beating South Korea in an exciting back-and-forth battle. However, Uruguay’s situation is worse, as they enter the game with only one point after a scoreless draw against South Korea. The Uruguayans have failed to score in this tournament after losing their second game 2-0 against Portugal.

What happens if Uruguay lose to Ghana in the third round of Qatar 2022 Group Stage?

With little chance of moving up the standings, Uruguay are in danger of being eliminated from Group H. The Uruguayans really need a win against Ghana to keep alive any dreams of making the playoffs. That’s the only outcome that matters, and everything else is irrelevant.

It will be crucial for them to score goals against Ghana since they need a victory to advance, everything else would mean elimination. Curiously, Uruguay, like Ghana, will be rooting against South Korea in their match against Portugal.

But if Uruguay lose to Ghana and South Korea wins against Portugal by two or more goals in their last group stage game, then Ghana will advance to the round of 16. However, a draw would be good enough if the score stays tied.

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