Qatar 2022: What happens if Portugal and Morocco tie in the quarterfinals?

portugal vs morocco

Portugal and Morocco clash in a great matchup of the Qatar 2022 World Cup at Al Thumama Stadium. Read here to find out what will happen if they finish with a tie in the quarterfinals.

Portugal and Morocco will face off in a very interesting battle during the quarter-finals of the World Cup Qatar 2022. The team led by Cristiano Ronaldo and the African team are looking to lift the trophy for the first time.

Portugal finished top of Group H after two wins (Ghana, Uruguay) and a defeat (South Korea). Then, in the Round of 16, they performed brilliantly, smashing Switzerland in a shootout (6-1). Their best appearances in history came in 1966 and 2006 when they reached the semi-finals.

Morocco is definitely one of the biggest surprises of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. They won Group F over Croatia, Belgium and Canada. At the start of the knockout stages, the Atlas Lions celebrated a historic win after knocking out Spain in a thrilling penalty shoot-out.

What happens if Portugal and Morocco tie in the quarterfinals?

If Portugal and Morocco tie in the quarterfinals, the game then goes to extra time. In the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the extra time consists of two 15-minute periods. According to FIFA rules, the interval between the end of regulation and the start of extra time cannot exceed five minutes.

Nevertheless, in reality we’ve seen that this break is way longer and sometimes goes up to ten minutes or more. Between the two extra time periods, FIFA has established a one minute break for drinks. Again, that will almost be impossible to fulfill, but, at least that’s the ‘official rule’. In a very important detail, no player can leave the field during both breaks.

If the score between Portugal and Morocco is still tied at the end of both periods of extra time, the winner will be decided through a penalty shootout. Each team has five kicks from the mark, but, if one of them has a definitive difference before that, the game ends. If there’s a tie after five shots, then we go to sudden death until we have a winner.

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