Qatar 2022: What happens if Ghana and Uruguay tie in the FIFA World Cup 2022?


Uruguay and Ghana will fight for the second and final spot in the Round of 16. But would benefit the most from a tie between these two sides?

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to realize that Uruguay has been one of the biggest disappointments in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup thus far. They were rumored to be a dark horse, yet they haven’t even scored a goal.

Diego Alonso’s side couldn’t break past South Korea’s stout defense and had to settle for a goalless draw. Then, they failed to keep up with Bruno Fernandes and Portugal and fell 0-2 to the Europeans.

Now, the Charruas will look to live another day by snatching the three points away from Ghana, a team that has performed quite well with a 3-2 loss to Portugal and a bounce-back 3-2 win over South Korea.

Qatar 2022: What Happens If Uruguay And Ghana Tie?

So, what happens if Uruguay and Ghana tie? Simply put, the South Americans would be eliminated, as they’d only have two points compared to Portugal’s 6+ and Ghana’s 4. So, a tie is no good for Diego Alonso and company.

There’s no possible combination of scenarios where Uruguay could move on to the next round with a draw. However, Ghana could still be eliminated, assuming they tie with Uruguay and South Korea beats Portugal by at least two goals.

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