Qatar 2022: What happens if England and France tie in the quarterfinals?

france vs england 2

England and France will face each other in what will be the last duel of the quarterfinals of this Qatar 2022 World Cup. Here we will tell you what would happen if the result is a tie.

The last of the Qatar 2022 quarter-final duels will have a very interesting battle between European teams. The reigning champions, France, will face England, one of the main contenders for the title.

It is perhaps the most anticipated duel of the quarterfinals and the one that will determine the last of the semifinalists. Two rivals have already been confirmed on the other road and they will be none other than Argentina and Croatia, while Morocco awaits on the road of these two rivals.

Both teams progressed at a solid pace in this World Cup, topping their respective groups and winning their Round of 16 match with a bang. In the case of the English, 3-0 against Senegal; and in that of the French 3-1 against Poland. Undoubtedly, it will be an exciting battle for the last semi-finalists.

What happens if the game ends in a tie?

As it is an eliminatory instance, there must be a winner who will be the fourth semifinalist. If the game in the 90 regulatory minutes ended in a tie, two extra times of 15 minutes each must be played, and if the tie persisted at the end of these two times, then the winner must be defined through penalties.

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