Qatar 2022: What happened the last time Ghana and Uruguay met at the World Cup 2010?

Ghana Vs Uruguay

In the last Matchday of the Qatar 2022 group stage, Ghana and Uruguay will face off against each other at stake. It will be an intense game since the last game of both in World Cups is well remembered by both and here we will tell you why.

It is the last match of the group stage of this Qatar 2022 World Cup and the 16 who will advance to the round of 16 to decide who will be the champions will be known soon. One of those matches will feature Uruguay and Ghana, two teams that have already met at the World Cup. Both of them remember this last game well, and here we tell you why.

Group H will have an exciting definition. Portugal qualified first, so of the three remaining members, only one will accompany CR7’s team in the final stage. Ghana has the best chance to do so, having performed brilliantly in this group.

They lost 3-2 to Portugal before beating South Korea by the same scoreline. A win, or even a draw (if the Koreans do not beat the Portuguese by 2 or more goals) would see them through. Uruguay have it a bit more complicated: they need to win and South Korea need to not win against Portugal.

The last Ghana vs Uruguay in a World Cup

This Friday’s game was long awaited by the Ghanaians, who have very bad memories of Uruguay. The last confrontation between the two was in South Africa 2010, more precisely in the quarterfinals of that World Cup. In the 90 minutes of a very tough match, the result was 1-1 with goals from Forlan for the South Americans and Muntari for the Africans.

The game had to go to extra time, and one of the most famous events of the World Cup took place there: at the last minute, Luis Suarez stopped a ball with his hand that was going to become a goal for the Ghanaians. The Uruguayan received the red card and the penalty was sanctioned. However, Gyan missed that penalty that would have given them the victory and the semifinals; and then in the penalty definition, Uruguay won.

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