Qatar 2022: What awards are given at the FIFA World Cup Final?


After the final, the winning team is crowned the new champion, the most important achievement for any country, although it is not the only award given. Here we tell you that other prizes will be awarded.

The final is of course the most important match of the World Cup. It is the last and everyone aspires to achieve, the maximum success of the country. However, in addition to the cup for the champion, other prizes are awarded to recognize the good work of certain players or teams. Here we tell you what the prices are.

Contrary to what many people think, the World Cup is not given to the champion to keep, but to celebrate with and display in the winning country’s federation, but the cup belongs to FIFA. Therefore, since its inception, winners have celebrated with the same iconic trophy.

However, other prizes remain the property of those who win them and remain with the winning player or team. Winning one of these awards is one of the most important achievements in a football player’s career or team history.

The prizes that are given at the end of the World Cup

Golden Ball: for best player
Golden Boot: for top goalscorer
Golden Glove: formerly known as the “Lev Yashin Award” for best goalkeeper
FIFA Young Player Award: for best player under 21 years
FIFA Fair Play Trophy: for the team that advanced to the second round with the best record of fair play
Player of the Match: for outstanding performance during each match of the tournament
Goal of the Tournament: for the best goal
Most Entertaining Team: for the team that has entertained the public the most
All-Star Team: comprising the best players of the tournament

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