Qatar 2022: How much money does the team that finishes 3rd in the World Cup receive?


One of Croatia or Morocco will finish in third place in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Here, find out how much prize money the winner of the third-place game will earn.

A day before the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Croatia and Morocco are playing a match that neither of them would like to play. The World Cup bronze medalists will be decided in a third-place match, like Belgium’s 2-0 win over England in 2018.

After losing in the semi-finals, there are two perspectives. Losing is devastatingly disheartening, but how a team reacts to it can determine whether they learn from the experience and move on with hope and determination, or sink deeper into despair and sadness.

While playing for third place in the World Cup doesn’t make much sense, it can still be a fun game. Both sides will take to the pitch in Qatar on Saturday with nothing to lose, playing with heart and passion in the hope of getting just reward for a fantastic campaign.

World Cup 2022 Third place play-off prize money: How much does the winner get?

For obvious reasons, no one wants to play in the game between the tournament’s third and fourth-place finishers. The question then arises as to why teams care about placing third if they have effectively given up on a championship run.

The possible outcomes are twofold: a bronze medal and a financial reward. A bronze medal and $27 million will go to the team that finishes third in the World Cup, $15 million less than what the victor of the World Cup would earn.

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