Qatar 2022: How many times did Argentina reach the World Cup final?


Argentina is one of the few teams in history that have managed to become world champions, something they can repeat this year. Here we tell you how many times the Argentines have reached the final.

One of the four still in with a chance of winning Qatar 2022 is Argentina, a historic World Cup team. In the semi-finals, they have to play Croatia and, in case of a win, wait for the winner of France’s duel with Morocco. Here we tell you how many times the Argentinians have reached the final.

The Argentinian team has progressed steadily in this World Cup. Despite a bad start when they surprisingly lost to Saudi Arabia, they managed to win their group and the round of 16. They had problems with the Dutch in the quarter-finals, but still advanced on penalties.

Argentina have been champions twice in their history: the first time in 1978 and the second time in 1986, and for this reason they are the historic team of the World Cup. They have also historically had great players and teams, which has always made them a tough team for any opponent.

The finals of Argentina

As mentioned above, the Argentine team was champion of the Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986 editions, so it is easy to deduce that they have played at least 2 finals. However, there have been a few more since we must also count those that were lost which, to the sadness of the South Americans, were more than those won.

The first was in the first World Cup in history, Uruguay 1930. There, the Argentines lost to the locals 4-2. The second defeat in a final was in Italy 1990, where Germany beat them 1-0. Finally, the Germans once again ruined the Argentine celebration in Brazil 2014. There are three lost finals that, added to the two won, make a total of 5 finals.

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