Qatar 2022: How many penalties does each team take in a penalty shootout?

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After a match in a FIFA World Cup is all tied up in the knockout stage, the way to find out the winner is by a penalty shootout.The penalty shootout is the decisive method used to determine the winner of a game after 120 minutes of play.

The most exciting situation after a draw in the knockout phase of a World Cup race is the penalty shootout. After the golden goal rule didn’t work, the best method put in place by FIFA to decide the winner of a knockout game was a penalty shootout. The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be no different, as the knockout stage begins with thrilling matches.

It usually takes 120 minutes of play to get to the penalty shootout. After an elimination game in which there is no winner yet. There will be a series of penalty shootouts to determine which team will win the match. However, the score will remain as a tie for team statistics.

So the purpose of penalty shootouts is to tie a football match, there are rules to follow. For example, only players who were on the field at the end of the match can participate in the shootout. Also, the players who shoot are selected by the coach of each team, who also decides the order.

How many penalties does each team take in a penalty shootout in the FIFA World Cup?

Each shot is taken as a penalty kick is normally taken. This means the shot will be from the white spot in the penalty area, with the goal defended only by the opposing goalkeeper, who must stay in between the goal line until the ball is set in motion, but may jump in place, move his arms and move along the line and try to distract the kicker.

The teams take turns trying to score until each team has taken five shots in a first round. If a team no longer has a chance to tie up the number of goals the other team has scored with the remaining kicks, it is not necessary to continue with the remaining kicks and the shootout is ended. This means the winning team will have more goals than the losing team.

If after the first ten kicks are all tied up, the teams will take one penalty kick each until the tiebreaker occurs, known as ‘sudden death’. No player may take two kicks unless all his teammates, including the goalkeeper, have taken them first. However, typically a penalty shootout has up to five shots taken by each side for a total of 10 penalty shots.

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