Qatar 2022: How does Argentina’s new jersey look like after winning the FIFA World Cup?


Qatar 2022 ended with an iconic game between Argentina and France. La Albiceleste won their third FIFA World Cup title and there will be changes on their jersey, which will look different after lifting the trophy.

Peace has arrived in Argentina. After a very tough FIFA World Cup, La Albiceleste won their third title in Qatar 2022 after defeating France in the final. But what will their jersey look like after getting the third star?

Qatar 2022 marked the end of Argentina’s 36-year drought without winning a FIFA World Cup. The South American team defeated France in the grand final and Lionel Messi as the biggest star that led them to become absolute legends.

It is the third time Argentina has won the FIFA World Cup. This will definitely change their kit, which will hold a new star above the badge, but fans are curious to see how it will look after this tournament.

Argentina’s new jersey: How will their third star be place above their shield?

Argentina just won the FIFA World Cup and fans are already wondering where will they put their third title. Before Qatar 2022 Final, La Albiceleste held their two stars in line above their shield, but now there’s a new one that needs to be placed there.

In Argentina’s celebrations at Lusail Stadium, adidas gave the players new jerseys with the third star already placed. In the pictures, this new title appears in the middle of the other two and above them.

It is uncertain it this will remain like that. On Twitter, Argentina’s national team official account used a different organization of their titles. They put the three in the same line, but they will surely work with adidas to decide which place is better.

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