Qatar 2022: Are any teams still undefeated at the World Cup?

World cup 2022

There is going to be a lot of suspense in the next days given the knockout games are already here. All eight teams that are in contention had solid performances, but not all of them have been perfect so far. Find out if there are any squads still undefeated.

The format of this tournament gives little room for error for those looking to win the title. Since the most important part of the competition is the knockout games, you cannot afford to lose late in the schedule. See if there are any unbeaten teams left at the World Cup Qatar 2022.

It is not necessary to win to advance in the current part of the World Cup. Since there is a penalty shootout in the final tiebreaker, a tie in regulation and overtime would still give the teams the ability to continue. But there are no second chances for losers.

If you are defeated from the 16th round, the journey is over. Although this is not the case in the first round, where countries are divided into groups of four. This is why there are participants who have made it this far despite having blemishes on their records.

Which teams are still undefeated at the World Cup?

The list of remaining nations has top candidates to win the tournament. But not all of them have been perfect so far. It was mainly because they opted to give their stars a break given they were already qualified, although it is worth noting.

Brazil lost against Cameroon while resting most of their starters on Matchday 3. That also happened to France vs Tunisia, and in the clash Portugal had with South KoreaArgentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the beginning. So none of these four favorites can be included here.

There are four teams still undefeated at the World Cup. Those countries are the Netherlands, England, Croatia, and Morocco, though they know one misstep will take them out.

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