Pep Guardiola congratulates Argentina and Lionel Messi on winning the World Cup 2022


Pep Guardiola has congratulated the Argentina national team on winning the World Cup.

Guardiola has managed several Argentine players throughout his career, three of which have went on to become World Cup champions. The biggest name of them all is that of Lionel Messi’s and Guardiola took time out of his Manchester City press conference to congratulate the winners.

“Everyone has opinion but nobody can doubt Lionel Messi is there as the greatest of all time. For me he’s the best, difficult to understand a player can compete what he’s done. The people who saw Pele or Di Stefano or Maradona…

“The opinions are sentimental, but the other side, if he wouldn’t have won the World Cup, the opinion and my opinion wouldn’t change. It’s normal that people depends if you win or you are evaluated. The final cherries of an incredible career.”

The Manchester City coach also congratulated current City player Julián Álvarez and former City player Nicolás Otamendi:

“We are incredibly happy for Julián Álvarez, congratulations to him and Otamendi, personally to Messi. To Argentina, well deserved. We’re delighted for Julian, he played a lot, his contribution was amazing. We have a world champion in our team…

“He’ll have a week, ten days off. Many games, lots of tension. He’ll have a break, maybe before the new year [he will be back]…”

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