Netherlands vs Argentina Football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game

argentina vs dutch

The quarterfinals of Qatar 2022 will have several duels with a lot of history, one of which is undoubtedly this one between Argentina and the Netherlands. Here we will tell you everything about the head-to-head of these teams.

The second leg of the Qatar 2022 quarter-finals will feature two historic World Cup teams: Netherlands and Argentina, who have played in several interesting episodes in history. Here we tell you all about the match between these two teams. I remember you can enjoy this game in the United States through FuboTV (free trial).

The history of these two teams at the World Cup is extensive and very interesting, the first match between them was in Germany 1974 and the last in Brazil 2014. Apart from the Round of 16, they have met in every possible occasion at the World Cup.

The European team comes to this stage undefeated, having won two matches in the group stage and drawn 1. They were far outclassed by a weak team from the United States in the Round of 16. Argentina got off to a surprise start with a 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia, but then showed their best form to reach this quarter-final.

Netherlands and Argentina head-to-head

Counting the friendlies, the superiority of the Netherlands over Argentina is greater than what many believe. They have won 4 times, while the Argentines only once with 4 draws for a total of 9 games.

In World Cups they have met 5 times and, as mentioned before, except in the round of 16, they played in all other instances of a World Cup. The first confrontation was in the second phase of Germany 1974, with a 4-0 victory for the famous Cruyff’s Clockwork Orange.

In the group stage they met in Germany 2006 and that game ended in a 0-0 draw, the same result that occurred in the semifinals of Brazil 2014, where the Argentines advanced on penalties. This game will be the second meeting in the quarterfinals, since the previous one was in France 1998, with a 2-1 Dutch victory.

And although Argentina can only win once against the Netherlands, it was in one of the most important games in the history of their team: nothing less than the final of Argentina 1978, which meant the first world title for the South American team.

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