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Lionel Messi’s International Trophies: List of Championships won with Argentina National team

© Alexandre Schneider - Alex Pantling/Getty ImagesLionel Messi after the Copa America and the Finalissima

The final that will feature Argentina and France is getting closer. Lionel Messi is trying to take his first title in the World Cup, although he already has other championships. Find out what are the trophies he has with the Argentinians.

The attention of most around the world will be on the finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. There, Argentina will play against France for the title after a journey that began four weeks ago. Lionel Messi is after his first ever championship at this tournament, but the team leader has had other trophies for the Argentine in the past.

It was good for him individually. He was an irreplaceable piece in the lineup and the reason they made it this far. Messi scored against Saudi Arabia and Mexico in the first round, although he continued to improve after that.

In the round of 16, he scored the first goal in a 2-1 win over Australia, and also opened the scoring against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals and Croatia in the semi-finals. He has five goals but wants more. Check out his celebrations with Argentina.

What titles has Lionel Messi won with Argentina?

His career for Argentina can’t be compared with the one at Barcelona when it refers to the championships he got. It took him a lot of time to take his first one at the senior level in the Copa America played in 2021 in Brazil, where they beat the hosts 1-0 to get the trophy.

That was followed by a match vs Italy at Wembley. The new tournament called Finalissima had the South American champions facing the Europeans in a one-game showdown. After a 3-0 win he got his second one.

Those are the trophies he has at this type of competitions. Although he had other titles when he was playing for the youth team. Messi was the main player in the 2005 U20 World Cup scoring twice in the last match, and he was also a relevant star in the Olympic Games they won in 2008.

List of Championships won with Argentina

U20 World Cup (2005)
Olympic Games (2008)
Copa America (2021)
Finalissima (2022)


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