Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina team, semi finals and the referee


Lionel Messi spoke about the Argentina national team, the semi finals and the referee.

Lionel Messi scored and had an assist for Argentina vs. the Netherlands in the quarter finals. Being named as the Player of the Match, Messi spoke to the media about the team. Here is what he had to say:

“Argentina are among the four best in the world because we showed that we know how to play every match with the same desire and the same intensity.

“This team understands the moments of the match. When they have to play, they do. When they have to defend, they do.

“A lot of joy and relief. It wasn’t to go to penalty kicks. We suffered too much for how it all happened. But the it’s the quarter finals of the World Cup. Going through is the most beautiful and impressive thing.

Regarding the match vs. Croatia in the semi finals:

“Croatia have showed that they are a great team. At times, they played on equal footing with Brazil. It’s a team that has been working with the same coach for a long time and they know each other very well.”

He also spoke about the referee:

“I think that FIFA cannot use this referee for this type of match because he is not up to the task.”

And about the fans:

“We are really enjoying the people, going little by little. We are very happy.”

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