Is this Cristiano Ronaldo’s last World Cup? What’s next after Qatar 2022


Morocco have taken down another giant by eliminating Portugal, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo’s international future up in the air. Was Qatar 2022 the last World Cup in his brilliant career?

Morocco has done it again. The African side caused another upset at Qatar 2022 by knocking Portugal out of the World Cup, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo’s future with the national team up in the air.

The Portuguese superstar now faces a challenging moment in his career. Aged 37, without a club and after his fifth World Cup, many are questioning whether Ronaldo will return for the 2026 tournament.

Ronaldo is one of many players who entered the tournament knowing it could be his last dance and therefore his last shot at lifting the coveted trophy with his country. Will he give up after this elimination? Or will they try again?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo play in the 2026 World Cup?

Ronaldo refused to make a decision on his future before the tournament, so we don’t know yet whether he plans to continue playing by the time the 2026 World Cup takes place. While there are reasons to believe Qatar 2022 was his last World Cup, Ronaldo has already proven he should never be underestimated.

The fact he’s not getting any younger makes one think Ronaldo won’t play in another World Cup. In four years, Ronaldo will be 41. Can he still make it? Of course, Cristiano has already proven his ability to defy Father Time.

But the years pass, new players emerge, and Ronaldo will eventually have to make room for the younger generations. In the end, it’s a decision he’ll have to make. However, even if he decides to continue, the manager will decide whether to count on Ronaldo or not.

It’s too soon to tell, Ronaldo has time to think about his future. Either way, his legacy is untouchable.

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