Is Neymar playing vs. South Korea? Tite sets condition for Brazil star’s return


Brazil are starting their path through the knockout stage against South Korea in the Round of 16. One of the biggest doubts is if Neymar, their biggest star, is going to be available for Tite in his starting 11 for tomorrow’s game.

The most important moment of this FIFA World Cup so far has come for Brazil. The five-time champions will play South Korea in the knockout stages of Qatar 2022, but the main doubt is whether Neymar, their biggest star, will be available for Tite in his starting XI tomorrow.

Brazil is considered the favorite to win this FIFA World Cup. They have a team full of stars but Neymar is obviously the biggest, unfortunately injury has kept him out of some games during this tournament and he wants to come back as soon as possible to help his country.

Having been unavailable for the last two matches of the group stage, everyone is wondering if he could return in the round of 16.

Qatar 2022: Will Neymar return from his injury to play vs. South Korea?

The Round of 16 has arrived in Qatar 2022. The teams are ready to fight against each other in order to get a spot in the next stage and Brazil are seen as the favorites to go all the way to the final.

Of course the South Americans have one of the best squads in the tournament. Unfortunately, they have lost a couple of pieces due to injuries and Neymar is one of those.

During the game against Serbia, Neymar had to leave the field due to a high ankle sprain which ruled him out for the rest of the group stage. Now, Tite, Brazil’s coach, has adressed the player’s situation and revealed the PSG forward will be available to play against South Korea.

It is still uncertain if Neymar will start the game. He has recoverd from his injury, but it is possible that he doesn’t start and only receive a few minutes in order to avoid any bigger injury.

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