How many times has Brazil been eliminated in the quarterfinals of a World Cup?


The Qatar 2022 World Cup again gave a new surprise with the elimination of one of the candidates, Brazil at the hands of Croatia. Here we will tell you how many times the South Americans were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

There was yet another surprise at the Qatar 2022 World Cup when one of the main contenders, Brazil, was knocked out on penalties in the quarter-finals by Croatia, who will play in the semi-finals for the third time in their history. Here we tell you how many times in history Brazilians have been eliminated in the quarter-finals.

It seems difficult for the Brazilian to overcome in recent editions. Although it is known that getting to the 5th game is not easy and that it speaks to the great perseverance of the Brazilians who have played this instance on several occasions, overcoming it seems to be a real challenge.

At this World Cup, thanks to big stars like Neymar, Vinicius Jr., Paqueta or Richarlison, it was thought that the Brazilians would reach at least the semi-finals of the tournament. But Croatia showed a great level of first not giving up and equalizing the game in extra time and then taking penalties excellently.

Eliminations of Brazil in the quarterfinals

Brazil is the only team that has played in all the editions of the World Cups, so there are 21 participations. In all of them, and counting this World Cup, there have been 14 times that Scratch played in the quarterfinals. In them, they went to the final 8 times, leaving a figure of 6 eliminations, the vast majority of which were in the last five editions.

From Germany 2006 to Qatar 2022, Brazil always reached the quarterfinals but only in Brazil 2014 did they reach the semifinals (they finished fourth in that World Cup). The other two eliminations in this same instance of the quarterfinals occurred in Switzerland 1954 and Mexico 1986.

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